On the Road

by The Bonfire Set

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released July 1, 2014



all rights reserved


The Bonfire Set Reno, Nevada

Memories and melodies are what The Bonfire Set is all about. The musical company, built out of childhood friends and unexpected bandmates, began playing their eclectic and classic tunes in spring 2013 and instantly started performing around their hometown of Reno, Nevada. ... more

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Track Name: Few Years
In a few years we will all turn to dust
In these few years let’s all try to spread love
I don’t know what, what I’m made for
But I know that there is so much more
Out there for me to see
So why don’t you just let me be me

In a these years we will work a 9 to 5
In these few years we will have husbands and wives
I don’t know what, what’s in store
But I know that there is so much more
For me, for me to be
The future looks so bright ahead of me
Track Name: Nuclear Love
Holding hands in the ashes. Cold, dark, calm
Swimming in the depths of liquid napalm
Clouds of smoke swirling from above
All for the sake of Nuclear Love

The fire is burning. Bright, orange, red
Some will survive while many are dead
Waiting for the call of the mourning dove
All for the sake of Nuclear Love

Fireworks in the sky are frozen in time
Under their noses it’s the perfect crime
Let’s learn to love and let’s not fuck ourselves
All for the sake of nuclear love

Little boy and fat man burning desire
Screaming of the voices of the children’s choir
Romeo and Juliet, put your hand to my glove
All for the sake of Nuclear Love

Fireworks in the sky are frozen in time
Under their Roses it’s the perfect crime
Let’s learn to love and let’s not fuck ourselves
All for the sake of nuclear love
Track Name: Mammoth
The snow fell down on a Saturday night
As we drove toward the Light
Celebrate our destined fate
Cuz tomorrow may not come my way and so we sing

"Good-bye my love. but I don't want to leave
It's not enough, it's where I'm supposed to be
We'll keep these nights in our memories
For all our lives, this is what I believe"

The snow fall feet on a Saturday night
When we arrived we were greeted by a wall of white
So we danced and sang and we drank all night
Singing we are young til tjme will come we had to say good-bye
Track Name: City Lights
Let's go back to the City Lights
They shine on us, pausing time
To savor what we had and who we are
Let's make this last, for we might lose ourselves

Take flight.
Get high.
And skydive down the atmosphere

So let’s drink.
And sink.
And fall.
Tomorrow morning I’m still here.

Just look me in the eyes
I’ll never leave your side
We’ve all had our mistakes,
Just give me one more break
And we won’t die today
Forever here I’ll stay
My spirit shall remain
When you call my name
Track Name: Red Roses
Red roses below my feet
And I’m sorry I skipped a beat
When one falls we fall down
I’m starting to like that sound

And all your pretty flowers in bloom
Love is like a melody played in tune
And all of your red roses on the ground
I can hear you softly whisper all around

So I’m out here in my garden
Trying to silence out the noise
I see my baby blossom
Please don’t hurt her little boys

Your eyes are like the galaxy so far
I see you burning brightly like a star
And all of your red pedals in the air
Shining through the moonlight like you don’t care

Your teeth are very white like piano keys
Smile one time for me pretty please
And all of your red lipstick on his face
I should’ve never bothered in the first place
Track Name: Tidal Wave
So send me a tidal wave to take me to see
The cold ocean breeze let me breath it in deep
There’s nothing that’s keeping me anchored to shore
The cold water waves are keeping me warm.


I wish I could live near the ocean
Let the cold water waves gently sing me to sleep
The softest of beds yet in motion
You’re head falls in place and you quickly find peace

(Send me a Tidal Wave and take me to sea!)
Track Name: On the Road
Rusty mountains under purple hazy skies
Spray paint sagebrush as we drive on by
Orange sunset smiles down right on my face
As I look ahead into the outer space

Living life like Kerouac, on the road no turning back
The past is gone the present’s now, the future waits in the next town
Away from all the media, life is my own cinema
Life will soon unravel as we go ahead and travel

On the road and to the sea
We’ll rule the world just you and me
And so we drive, and so we sail
When we go back, we’ll tell a tale

Dark as night stars are piercing through my mind
Away from all the wires we are unconfined
Drink up my darling all the marijuana’s burned
It’s been a long day and this night has adjourned

If I could live like Cassidy, dancing with insanity
Flirting with disaster, I am my own master
Artificial TV screens, wash away my childhood dreams
All that pain is gone this is where I belong

(On and on)